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Captain's log: Stardate 02-05-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

A new client is available HERE - (02-05-2018)

A large expansion has been added in this update! This sees the introduction of Saereyn's Town and the Atlantis areas.

We have added 5 new classes to the game, accessible only by reborn 50 players, these classes use a new Unique Stats Formula, and allows players to gain greater amounts of Evasion, Accuracy and Defence. Further, these classes are scripted in to an upgrade chain - you can locate the trainier NPC at Saereyn's Shrine.

A new daily stat trainer has been added to Saereyn's Shrine, this will allow the Imperium classes to increase their chosen stat by an additional 100-150 each day.

We have added a 10 stage upgrade chain to turn a Sanctum 5 charm, into an Imperium version. This charm gains +500 HP each upgade, with the Mk10 version providing 11k HP.

3 new bosses and a bunch of new wild type NPC's have been added to the new areas, these all have a chance to drop Elemental Alloy, EXP Bags, Platinum Coins and Golden Piggies, though some of them more than others!

A row of new repeatable Job Boards have been added to Saereyn's Town, these also provide Elemental Alloy, EXP Bags and Platinum Coins for completion, and the NPC's required can all be located in these new areas (pending a small update to boss maps).

A new high powered buff spell has been added, this can only be obtained by the Imperium 5 class, and provides 2 hours of + 2.5k to all stats!

Happy leveling!

Captain's log: Stardate 01-05-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

The stats formulas for all classes have been slightly altered, this is to allow for greater levels, thus more stats to allocate.

The maximum rebirth level has been increased to 50, the maximum points you can allocate to a single stat is now 20,000. This means, that a rebirth 50 player (level 10,000), will have gained from leveling alone - 30,000 stat points. This does not include stat points that can be acquired daily from the trainer.

With these changes, players will be able to reach their primary stat cap, and also increase their secondary stat considerably, providing greater amounts of Defence and Accuracy, making those robots a little easier!

Happy leveling!

Captain's log: Stardate 25-04-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

A new NPC has been added to the boss challenge map - Piggy Exchange, you can exchange Piggies for handy things here!

We have also re-worked Devilgate, we've increased the waves to 45, as a long overdue update to the reborn equipment.

The highest waves of Devilgate now provide more rewards, and completing it will now reward 10 Platinum Coins. Further, the Devilgate starting timer is now every 30 minutes.

Good luck!

Captain's log: Stardate 20-04-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

A new client is available HERE - (20-04-2018), pub files download HERE - (20-04-2018).

A new expansion map has been added - Mechanix, guarded by some seriously powerful robots!
This expansion is targeting players of around reborn level 10 - 15.

A [Follower] upgrade system has been implemented for Jeeves!
He can now be upgraded 4 times, each version becoming significantly stronger!

Personal Banker, Personal Barber, and Personal Guildmaster followers have been added to the Mech Assembly NPC.

Happy training!

Captain's log: Stardate 19-04-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

We have added a support forums and a discord server to the website, please take advantage of them if you need support or want to socialize!

We have successfully migrated to our new host based in Seattle, and we've made some changes to the amount that Magus / Wizard group heal spells output.
Soothing Aura @ level 20, now heals your group for 500. Likewise, Holy Shield @ level 40, now heals your group for 2000.
These changes are aimed at providing the Magus / Wizard class with some extra benefit, as they have been somewhat left behind with usefulness, now however, they will be a valuable asset to any group, ensuring your survival in those sticky situations!

Happy healing!

Captain's log: Stardate 16-04-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

A large new feature has been added to the server! This expansion sees the introduction of Aeeria's Royal Tournament - a scripted randomised boss encounter, with a randomised event reward system built in!

Here's a bit about how it works:

The Royal Tournament requires a group of players to start, and it also requires the group leader to be over reborn level 1.
Upon starting the tournament, your team must battle through 4 waves of randomly selected high level adversaries.
If your team defeats them, the group leader can initiate the 5th wave - an event wave designed as a reward for your group, or a player activated event that could be hosted for anyone.
There are 4 fight waves, each wave has 4 spawn points, each spawn point will release 6 enemies, these enemies are randomly selected from a list of 15 possible enemies.
This means that each wave could consist of 4 different groups of enemies, coming at you from all sides.
Further still, the event wave consists of much the same, except the spawns have a chance to introduce 4 different types of reward chest, from a possible pool of 15 types of chest.
Also, instead of 6 spawns per spawn point, the event will release 10 chests per spawn point.
The event chests drop between 2 - 5 of their type of loot, at 100% rate, so the whole thing is fairly randomly generated!

Good luck!

Captain's log: Stardate 04-02-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

An in-game fix has been released that requires re-downloading the client, or updating your client's pub files. Client download HERE - (04-02-2018), pub files download HERE - (04-02-2018).


Captain's log: Stardate 31-01-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

We've released 22 high powered shoes, and 25 hats to the game! These require Reborn 5 or higher to equip!
This update requires re-downloading the client, or updating your client's pub files. Client download HERE - (04-02-2018), pub files download HERE - (04-02-2018).
Added Platinum Coins to Golden Piggies currency exchanging to the Currency Exchange NPC - the conversion rate is 10 to 1.
Added Reborn Essences 2 - 5 to the drop list of The Treasurer, at a rate of 1 - 2 @ 6%. We also increased the rate that he drops Gold and Platinum Coins by 2%, and removed Silver Coins from his list.


Captain's log: Stardate 30-01-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

We've been hard at work this update, releasing over 200 new items into the game, we have addressed a gap in equipment between rebirth 1 - 5.
We've also added in an extensive donation rewards NPC, this will provide supporters of our server and community, with some well deserved goodies!
Further, this update sees the expansion of Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting, extending the loot tables from level 50, all the way to 200!
We've added a new hangout / boss room where players can socialise, there is a chance to drop all pets, bags, cash and even some VIP Golden Piggies!
The rebirth cap has been increased to reborn 15 (level 3000), for those dedicated few whom reach those high peaks... happy leveling!
An incredibly tough follower has been released - Jeeves! He can drop from Hellion @ 0.1%, otherwise, he can be obtained via the VIP NPC.


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