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Scarletstorm: ty

Zapper: Grats

Zapper: ouch! No fun at all

Verse: Is what not worth it?

Bmorekid: is it not worth it

Zapper: Grats Verse

Zapper: grats Aqua

Zapper: i will talk to boss man if he ever comes on

Aqua: oh i have no clue

Zapper: said had to be a shadow but wouldn't let me get them them i upgraded to imp and still wont let me get them

Aqua: oh thats not good

Zapper: i did and i am having problems with the buffs

Aqua: not yet im close lol

Zapper: did u RB 50

Aqua: hiya Zapper

Zapper: hi Aqua

Aqua: hello

Zapper: hello

Zapper: it is, lots of maps and plenty of things to do

David: server looks interesting

Zapper: at the most atm 10 to 12 this server is new

David: how many peoples play here?

David: hey

Zapper: hello

David: here?

David: somebody

Zapper: morning

Zonnetje: when ur done mammar?

Mammar: farming for piggies

Rick: what u doin guys

Rick: yo

Verse: Where can i find atlantis

Zonnetje: bug in game

Verse: Emptiest ive seen since i started :o

Luis: commands

Fivetweezy: im out!

Fivetweezy: nevermind, son is awake from nap

Zapper: lol

Fivetweezy: i will hide forever!

Zapper: when i am done here we will go t next devil but make sure u do as i say

Zapper: ok

Fivetweezy: no :( i just started last night

Zapper: you havent reborned yet?

Fivetweezy: thats what my sword is

Zapper: i will pick everything up and u can sort it out

Fivetweezy: i think anything with a C

Zapper: i am not sure what type items your character uses

Fivetweezy: ok

Zapper: warp square

Zapper: sorry i dont have anything atm I will try to get something

Fivetweezy: im only level 80

Invader: zapper will check bank and see what he has if anything

Fivetweezy: i am doing the freelancer quests but it doesnt give me any gear, just gold and exp

Invader: sound like u need better gear

Fivetweezy: lol but everything kills me

Invader: walk thru there and kill everything u see

Fivetweezy: i dont know what im doing in the crypt for thoth

Fivetweezy: what does my crusader key do?

Zapper: from the guy at the table when u finish him u get a nice necklace

Zapper: do all the quest since u get exp for doing them also do all the quests in the port map

Fivetweezy: do you recommend killing things for exp or doing like the farming quests with apples and stuff?

Zapper: Gotta level and get stronger it takes time

Fivetweezy: lol i cant kill anything

Zapper: try typing /warp craft5 and check there

Fivetweezy: where do i get brutal swords?

Fivetweezy: warp craft2

Zapper: save my 10 mill gift bags till i get a lot of them

Fivetweezy: how???

Zapper: ty

Fivetweezy: gratz!

Fivetweezy: ok :)

Zapper: there may be but i got the things i have drom drops

Fivetweezy: and is there a shop to buy better items/?

Zapper: mainly i get exp gifts, potion Gifts and Coin Gifts

Zapper: some are but they are easy to get so i dont hoard them

Fivetweezy: are gems used for things?

Zapper: Rogue

Zapper: it starts off as Rouge

Fivetweezy: how do you get tthat class?

Zapper: well my main is Shadow and I like it best

Fivetweezy: what is your fav class?

Zapper: my crusaider is reborn 1 and he has 787 STR and 817 on Con

Zapper: oops sry i meant a little more on STR not con

Fivetweezy: thanks :)

Zapper: on my crusaider is put exp points on STR and con with a little more on Con

Fivetweezy: crusader

Zapper: what is yor class

Fivetweezy: and any tips on how to use my stats?

Zapper: just do all the quests and devilgate when u are able

Fivetweezy: any tips on how to really get started on here?

Zapper: hey Five

Fivetweezy: hey everyone

Zapper: u can get plat coins as well as i can

Zapper: i have at leat 10 imp charms

Zapper: b afk for a while

Verse: Anyone selling Piggies?

Zapper: hello people

Jacce: does anyone know where the right door for anchient elevator is?

Jacce: well some help that jameson was

Verse: The one on Ant map?

Jameson: um u canget piggies in royal tournament

Verse: Is there any other way to get piggies apart from DG and craft11 map?

Rick: how

Rick: wtf

Jacce: does anyone know where to get the right missing door for the philosipher quest/

Jacce: does anoyong lnow wherethe right missing door is for the anchient quest?

Zapper: night people cya tomorrow

Fivetweezy: you the best zapper, night everyone

Fivetweezy: whats the best items you can buy with copper?

Verse: Im nnt strong enough to get exp drops at DG, any recommendations on fast leveling?

Silverfox: ty

Silverfox: please

Seryne: Do you need a warp there?

Drkbrth: i found it

Silverfox: i do

Seryne: Who needs the guardian quest?

Verse: Not a problem :)

Silverfox: thanks verse

Zapper: ty

Verse: Preeetty sure it was one of the doors above square, after bard area

Ichigo: GZ Zapper. only 6 more to goooo xD

Silverfox: i need to know that also

Drkbrth: Where do I start the Guardian quest?

Zapper: dinner time bb soon

Zapper: he upgrades himself as you train with him

Verse: Whats the best way to train a pet?

Zapper: bk dc'd

Mammar: TY :)

Zapper: Grats :]

Zapper: Grats Mammar WTG

Zapper: als cab get some in Atlantis quest but same with your level

Jacce: hola

Zapper: hello Everyone

Mammar: lol

Fivetweezy: hello everyone

Jacce: humm cant seem to warp to docs

Ichigo: gz mammar. only 5 more now

Verse: DG is a struggle on my own

Verse: xd

Mammar: awwww poor angel

Verse: Other than leveling up, is there anything I can do to make my follower better?

Verse: gg

Karina: iam alone in devil gate and i gone to wave 9 xD

Horatio: woef waf woef

Karina: anyone can help me in devil? cuz iam alone

Karina: all come in devil

Karina: all /devil

Aqua: ty

Aqua: ty

Kayla: thanks c:

Ichigo: :D


Verse: Best way to get champion seals?

Ichigo: night

Zapper: night everyone cya tomorrow

Zapper: ty

Ichigo: 10 more now. nice

Ichigo: only 11 more for ya

Ichigo: gz

Ichigo: oh god. im guessing imperium 5 is over 800 of each xD

Ichigo: lolol

Ichigo: but to get imperium 2 class i needa give 200x 10mill exp bags 200x golden piggies and 200x platinum coins Xd

Ichigo: you get imperium 1 class for free

Ichigo: oh wow

Ichigo: i ish now the first nonstaff player to be rb 50 :D

Zapper: nice

Ichigo: 15 rbs today xD

Ichigo: thanks :D


Ichigo: rb 50 :p

Ichigo: ez pz xD

Zapper: how many u need Verse

Ichigo: der we go

Zapper: i think i have some u can have but u have to wait till i finish here

Verse: Where can I get heart of stone drops?

Zapper: one to go Grats

Zapper: dc'd

Zapper: i see ty

Ichigo: yeh lol

Zapper: so all on STR

Ichigo: for attack

Ichigo: guardian uses str xD

Ichigo: ohh

Zapper: str con agi or wht

Zapper: then how did u use your exp point on him as u got them

Ichigo: but what you talkin bout? xD

Ichigo: yeh

Zapper: your class is guardian isnt it

Ichigo: whats that?

Ichigo: guardian?

Ichigo: ?

Zapper: how do u use your exp points on a guardian

Zapper: whar were u doing before

Ichigo: i cant do what i was doin before anymore rn xD

Ichigo: i only have 80 10mill exp bags rn

Zapper: oh ok

Zapper: u cant be too far away from 50

Ichigo: octo and wurm aint as fast as what i was doin before :P

Ichigo: not really. xD

Ichigo: ?